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Bake Day

Bake Day

For years my daughters and I have shared an annual BAKE DAY during the month of December. We time it so that we have plenty of baked goods to take trays to work, send to family out of town, share with neighbors or to supplement our Christmas dinner. It’s an […]

My vote is My voice

President On Day 1??

Warning – Political Post WTH??? You’ve got to watch this video! Fox News interviewed Donna Brazil this morning and asked her about the 4 black women that Biden is considering for VICE President and 4 times she said that the women he listed were qualified to be ‘PRESIDENT on Day […]

Cashless Future?

Have you seen the signs at the stores asking for exact change due to a coin shortage? We’ve seen several. Now we hear that there’s a bill shortage too? WTH? Did all the money at the mint/banks test positive for COVID and now they are in quarantine? We’ve even seen […]

Cooked Pasta

Quick Cook Pasta

Why did it take so long for me to find a way to quickly and easily cook pasta? I saw a segment on The Kitchen for making Lasagna Rollups where they laid lasagna noodles on a cookie sheet and poured boiling water over them and let them sit while they […]

Spice drawer

Storage Tip and Tricks

Living small has its advantages and disadvantages. There’s less area to clean but also less places to store stuff so you need to get a little creative on how to store stuff and protect stuff when you travel. Plus you always have to ask yourself ‘is this a need or […]

Chuckle anyone?

Some times you just need a chuckle to make it through the day. This will give you a few chuckles for today! My favorite is #9! Ha! What’s yours? (Full disclaimer: Stolen – with permission – from a friend’s FB post.) So let me get this straight, there’s no cure […]

Checker Flag


We have been avid NASCAR fans for years. Before we started traveling, we had a season pass at Texas Motor Speedway for years but we’d drive there in the car, rent a hotel room and battle the traffic going to and from the race every day. Hours spent in traffic. […]

metal detecting

Metal Detecting

I started metal detecting 40 yrs ago but let it go by the wayside with work and raising kids. Now that we are retired, what better time to resurrect an old hobby? So when we started out driving around in our RV, I bought a new metal detector. At that […]

RVing Rocks

Painting rocks to leave for others to find has become quite the thing for RVers. Join the RVing Rocks Face Book group and follow along as rocks are posted by members. There are some real artists out there too! Some cities and states have groups too. The idea is to […]