Medicare 101

So you’ve finally retired and life is good but now it’s time to sign up for Medicare and pick a Supplemental Plan – a task which can be extremely complicated and confusing.

So what do you do?

Answer: You find someone that’s knowledgeable, compassionate and patient enough to walk you through it step by step.

That’s what we did. We ‘met’ Melvin ‘Buddy’ Meeks online in a FaceBook RV group. He’s a fellow RVer so he understands our need for coverage as we travel this great nation. He walked us through signing up for Medicare and helped us find the best Supplemental plan for us based on our medical needs and personal lifestyle. First he helped with signing up my husband and then 2 yrs later, he helped me with mine. It was extremely confusing until Buddy lent his assistance.

We are full time travelers and need coverage across the nation because we never know where life might take us. Certain plans require you to be ‘in network’ and that might not be where we are at the moment. It could be very costly if an injury or illness happens and you’re forced to use an out of network doctor/hospital/clinic.

Here’s a little personal info on Buddy. As you can see, he’s ‘been there, done that’ so he knows what he’s talking about from first hand experience.

I don’t know about you but I’d rather get my advice from a fellow RVer who has already gone through it and knows the ins and outs than from a 30-something yr old salesperson who has no idea about our lifestyle and has never had to deal with a Medicare claim.

You can read more about him and get details about the various plans from his website.

My name is Melvin Meeks. As a Boomer on Medicare and a licensed agent, my extensive personal experience with Medicare is first hand. For 15 plus years, I have been helping Seniors with their Medicare, life, dental, cancer, and Home Health insurance. It’s not just my profession, it’s something that I enjoy.

Thanks for the opportunity to help and possibly earn your business. I’m here to help you understand the process before and after you enroll in Medicare. I invite you to explore the website to learn more about the Medicare process and add-on plans. All of the material used on this site can be verified at or

As an independent agent, my responsibilities are to my clients, not an insurance company. I hold active licenses in multiple states.

I recommend Medicare Supplement products from Mutual of Omaha (United World), Cigna, Aetna, Humana, Oxford Life, Transamerica, Thrivent and CSI.

I have chosen not to offer plans from AARP and UHC and I do not recommend any Medicare Advantage plans. Go to the MedSup vs Medicare Advantage on my site to find out why.

My Medicare Story

My Medicare coverage began on January 1st, 2019. Since that time, my Medicare related health expenses have approached $100,000 but my total out of pocket was just $185 in 2019 and will be $198 in 2020, not including daily medicines. In that time, due to a hard to heal foot wound, I have been treated by four hospitals, two Emergency Rooms, three Wound Care Centers, almost 200 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sessions, treated with the latest and most expensive antibiotic and cared for by 20 doctors of varying specialties. None of my claims have been denied. As an agent, I simply can’t provide a better reference than lessons learned from my own experience.

And while taking care of my mom for 4 years until she passed, I learned that having good insurance is critical in determining how you will spend your final years. Dealing with serious health issues is no time to have to deal with potentially crippling financial problems. Proper planning and product choice help alleviate the concern of unforeseen bills as you undergo vital treatment and recovery. Proper product choice also eliminates the needless worry in choosing in-network hospitals, rehab facilities and nursing homes at your most vulnerable time – I know because I have extensive personal experience with each.

It would be my honor to help you through the process of applying for Medicare and choosing the right plan for you. Please check out my website or contact me directly.

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