Chicken Pot Pie – Ninja Foodi

I came from a large family. 9 kids and 2 adults. Cheap meals during the week was the mainstay. Our big/best meal was always on Sunday. During the week it was pot pies, TV dinners (the cheap ones), hot dogs, fish sticks, soup, etc. I hated pot pies. Still do […]


Renegades on the River Sunset Drink

Renegades on the River in Crescent City, Florida has a bar they call the Tiki Hut. Every evening, at Sunset, they serve all the patrons a shot that looks like the Sunset and everyone toasts the sunset. They also make a larger version of the shot. This is the recipe […]

Cooked Pasta

Quick Cook Pasta

Why did it take so long for me to find a way to quickly and easily cook pasta? I saw a segment on The Kitchen for making Lasagna Rollups where they laid lasagna noodles on a cookie sheet and poured boiling water over them and let them sit while they […]