RV Safety

Ring Doorbell

Knock, knock – who’s there?

August 2020 We had an interestingly scary thing happen while traveling in our RV last night. Stayed at a Motel 6 that had full hook up RV sites in the back in St Robert, MO. Checked in at about 1:30 pm at the office. Got our site assignment and parked. […]

RV Tire Blowout

RV Tire Safety – Things That Go Pop!

How to Handle a Tire Blowout on an RV The proper way to handle a front tire blow out is so counter-intuitive that most people don’t understand it and many blowouts have resulted in crash’s. Losing control during a sudden loss of tire pressure, driving an overweight vehicle, driving on […]

Elide Fireball

Water and Fire Damage Prevention

The two things that are an RVers worse nightmare is FIRE and WATER damage. I think these two products are an RVers best friends. 20,000 RV Fires Occur Annually! Fire safety is of premium importance to the conscientious RVer. Unfortunately, fire is one of the leading causes of RV loss […]