Driving Schools

It’s our opinion that every woman learns how to drive / pull their RV – whether it’s a Class A or a 5th wheel or pull behind in case of an emergency.

Why? Because you just never know when you might have to take over the reigns if your spouse is incapacitated for some reason. We experienced that unexpected event when my husband had to be admitted to a hospital while we were in Indiana. 6 days and they were getting ready to do surgery which would have extended his stay and convalescence by weeks. Our reservation at the campground that we were in would have expired and I would have had to move our Class A myself. Luckily, I had just taken a driving class the month before at a rally we had attended so I knew that I could do it. I already knew how to hook up and unhook sewer and electricity, level coach, retract/extend slides, etc. so I was in good shape there. I had driven the coach but only minimally so I really wanted a certified instructor to teach me how to park and maneuver. Texas requires a Class B non commercial license for any RV or trailer/truck combo over 26k lbs. Not all states require this but Texas does. That means a written and driving test which includes parallel parking. Nope, that wasn’t a type-o! You have to parallel park the beast! But they give you plenty of room. Not sure why that’s a requirement because the chances of you ever having to do that is slim to none but I don’t make the rules.

My RV School was the company offering the driving class at our rally. Jeff Gaston was my instructor and he was really good. He made me feel very comfortable and confident. We started out on rural country roads then we went into the small town of Goshen, Indiana amid the cars, trucks and Amish buggies! Yikes! But all was well. Jeff sat in the passenger chair but was still close enough to grab the wheel if I got too far off course. Then we went to a parking lot of an abandoned store and he taught me how to back into a spot to park the coach in just 3 turns regardless of which direction I was coming from. We did it over and over again until I was comfortable doing it on my own. Then we drove back to the rally site and he taught me how to parallel park. It took several attempts (I don’t even parallel park my car!) but I learned how.

The two take-aways from the class?
– The longer you drive it, the shorter it gets.
– Women should always be the one parking the RV even if that means changing seats when you arrive at the campground. Why? Because a man isn’t going to listen to us give them directions anyway and this way, he can have you park it exactly where he wants it. ~smile~

From personal experience, I would highly recommend this company. If you belong to a club and are having a rally, that would be the perfect time to contact Jeff to see if he can come out to teach your club members.

The other company I’ll note here is RV Driving School. I mentioned them on my Earn Extra Money post because they were looking to hire instructors.

Behind The Wheel Lessons Include: (as of 9/16/20)

  • Pre-trip safety inspection of your RV
  • Mirrors – proper adjustment and use
  • Brakes – testing and safe use – Jake, Exhaust and if appropriate, air brakes
  • Backing – how to back straight or into a RV site
  • Negotiating corners including “swing out”
  • Dealing with city and interstate driving and on and off ramps
  • Mountains and hills safe operation
  • Gas stations – issues of in and out
  • Negotiating tight spots
  • GPS – why they are important to your safe operation of your RV.
  • Campground maneuvering
  • So you have a big vehicle – courtesies
  • Lane management – Staying in your lane
  • Proper lane changing
  • Defensive driving
  • And more…

Private Lesson $595 **

  • 2 days – 4 hours each day
  • We encourage a partner to ride-along.

Two Person Private Lesson $895 **

  • 2 days – 6 hours each day

Refresher Course – $325 **

  • 1 Day – 3.5 hours
  • This is available for people who have taken a RV Driving School course and are still having trouble with some aspect of driving their RV safely.

** A certificate will be presented after specific lessons. This can be submitted to your insurance carrier. Many insurance companies will authorize a discount for completing the training.

Whether you take a class, learn to drive on your own or are taught by your spouse or a friend, please learn to drive. You just never know when you might have to take over the reigns.

Safe Travels to you!!!

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