Bell & Howell Spin Power

I never seem to have enough electrical outlets in our RV. And to make it worse, the outlets in my kitchen are mounted under the cabinets where you can’t see them to plug things in and are difficult to use if you are cooking with something that has one of […]

Photo Blanket

We’ve taken some beautiful pictures of the places we’ve been to during our 6 yrs on the road. Awesome pictures. But they are mostly on our phones. I have one picture frame of our grandkids in our coach but there’s no place to hang pictures or display even our most […]

Bug Zappers

So call me crazy but I love to hear the crackle these little tennis racket type bug zappers make! Each time I hear it, I know that’s one less pesky bug. The red one is made by Texsport and we bought it at Bass Pro for about $13. The yellow […]