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The Plus by Author Greg Gutfeld

I just got the latest book that Greg Gutfeld wrote and he starts it with these 4 points. I found them quite profound. Maybe you will too. If you aren’t getting happier as you’re getting older, you’re doing it wrong. Resist the media’s command to expand destructive narratives. If you’re […]

Sage Advice on the Pandemic

Thought I would share these wise words from our nephew, Dr. Shawn Mountain, about the current COVID-19 Pandemic. “There are no “experts” on Covid-19. The media wants to tout people as being experts, but they don’t exist when it comes to this disease. If you had someone working on something […]

My vote is My voice

President On Day 1??

Warning – Political Post WTH??? You’ve got to watch this video! Fox News interviewed Donna Brazil this morning and asked her about the 4 black women that Biden is considering for VICE President and 4 times she said that the women he listed were qualified to be ‘PRESIDENT on Day […]

Cashless Future?

Have you seen the signs at the stores asking for exact change due to a coin shortage? We’ve seen several. Now we hear that there’s a bill shortage too? WTH? Did all the money at the mint/banks test positive for COVID and now they are in quarantine? We’ve even seen […]

Chuckle anyone?

Some times you just need a chuckle to make it through the day. This will give you a few chuckles for today! My favorite is #9! Ha! What’s yours? (Full disclaimer: Stolen – with permission – from a friend’s FB post.) So let me get this straight, there’s no cure […]

The Valk Clan

If You Were Born in 1900 –

Everyone’s feelings about whether or not to wear a mask is a personal decision and based on their personal situation. Some people are very passionate in their opinion. Some of our friends feel like us and wear one. We have other friends that don’t think it’s necessary. Then there are […]