Living with COVID, Protests and Hurricane Season in Houston

We have been in Houston since the end of Feb. We came back to watch our grandkids while our daughter and her husband went to Italy to celebrate their upcoming 10th Anniversary. Needless to say, with the virus hitting, their plans had to be postponed. Then Houston issued a ‘Stay at Home’ order and here we still are. Boy life sure changed thanks to the virus. Masks, business shut downs, RV parks closed, rallies and metal detecting events were cancelled or postponed to a date TBA and our beloved NASCAR had to switch to iRacing electronically. We had stocked up on ‘survival foods’ (things that were non perishable, hand sanitizer, wet wipes and of course the elusive toilet paper) and we had a freezer full of food so we were ok and didn’t have to venture out to the stores where the lines were long just to get in and the shelves were bare. When we did have to finally order food we either ordered online and picked up our order at Walmart staying away from the attendants as they loaded the car and of course we wore masks or we ordered from Shipt for delivery. Then of course once we got home everything had to be wiped down with disinfectant wet wipes before putting away. Life sure has changed since the virus – did I mention that all ready? We miss not being able to travel and while it’s nice to be close to family it’s not the same. We are not able to visit like we did in the pre-virus days. Can’t hug the grandkids – we elbow bump instead. Can’t go out to eat like before. Birthdays and Holidays weren’t celebrated like we normally would. No big parties, no big celebrations. The days pass slowly by uneventfully. So sad. Things are starting to open up but COVID is on the rise again – maybe because of opening up, maybe not. Who knows? It’s been a scary time for everyone. And now we have the protests complete with rioters and looters that have infiltrated what were intended to be peaceful demonstrations. Innocent people hurt and businesses were wiped out by looters or by fires being set. I feel like we just made it to Level 7 of Jumanji! Who knows what’s in store for us next. Oh wait – a possible hurricane! Just great. That’s all we need on top of everything else. Glad we have a good stock of wine on hand. Can you say Hurricane Party? Ha! Looking forward to seeing what the ‘New Normal’ will look like. NASCAR started back up but without the fans. Cars are on the track but the stands are empty and fans watch on TV from home. Hey it’s not the best but it does lend us a little diversion. We sit outside our coach in the evening and watch the race like we are at a drive-in theater – you remember them, right? It’s not the same but at lease it’s something to get our minds of everything else for a couple of hours.

Hope you all stay safe and healthy. Till the next time…….

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