TireMinder – Monitor Your Tires!

If you were pulling a car with your RV, you’d know if you had a flat on the car, right? Or let’s say you have a 5th wheel or pull behind, you’d know if it had a flat, right?

Well I can’t tell you how many people we have met that told us they were pulling a car or RV that had a flat and they didn’t know it until someone drove up alongside them motioning like a crazy person.

The damage caused by a shredding tire can be exponential not to mention the possibility of a fire. We’ve personally seen a tow car catch on fire and the owners were not able to get close enough to their coach to get it unhooked and save it. They lost both the RV and the car in a ball of flames. It was so sad.

A shredding tire will do thousands of dollars in damage to the fiberglass side and under carriage of a 5th wheel in quick order.

So what can you do to prevent this from happening to you? Get a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TMPS). There are several brands out there but we decided on the TireMinder system and bought extra sensors to cover all our tires – 10 total. We read good reviews on it and met others that used TireMinder and were happy customers so that’s the one we bought. We’ve been very happy with it and their customer service is excellent.

Keep in mind, it won’t warn you of a blowout. Blowouts are spontaneous and unpredictable but if you lose pressure in a tire – it’ll tell you. If your tire is running hot – it’ll tell you. Both of which can cause an impending blowout.

See our post in how to handle a blowout in an RV – very important.

How to handle a blowout in an RV .

We bought ours TireMinder years ago so we have one of the older TM66 models. It came with a signal booster that we mounted in one of our bays. We have a 40’ Class A and pull a Jeep so the signal booster is necessary.

They have free battery replacement and have replaced several of our caps at no charge too. Their customer service is great!

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