Fuel Savings

73¢ a gallon discount with our TSD membership. Can’t beat that!

TSD Fuel Program – This program is great! Free to join and it saves us so much money on fuel. Its only for diesel though and you have to fill up in the trucker’s lanes in the back of the stations but that’s fine for us because we are 40′ long plus we flat tow a Jeep. Diesel pushers and diesel trucks pulling 5th wheels and trailers are eligible to join AND you don’t have to have your RV attached to your truck when filling so you can save on every day use as well. TSD negotiates discounted prices from Loves, TA, Petro and various other fuel providers on our behalf. It doesn’t cost anything to join but they get 10% of the savings you get from using them. For instance, if you fill up and save $30 in fuel costs, then they get $3 and you get a $27 discount on your fuel. They use EFS for processing the payment which is the same company that most trucking companies us to handle payments. TSD has an app called Open Roads that you can download onto your phone that will show you the fueling locations in your area and what the price is. Price varies per station based on contracts negotiated by TSD. TSD had been in business for 40 years. They are a logistics company and just opened this program up to RV’ers a couple of years ago. Initially we were getting 50-60 cents a gallon discount at Loves but with the pandemic, things have changed and discounts aren’t as good but it’s still a decent discount and we love it. They also have a referral program so if you refer anyone, they will give you $25 after they purchase 100 gals. I’d appreciate if you put my name in as your referrer: Carolyn Valk. Payment for your fuel is automatically deducted from your bank account. A lot of people might have a problem with that but we didn’t. Those that do, have opened up a small checking account and transfer money to it as necessary. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable, but don’t let that keep you from enjoying the savings. It’s really worth it! Once you sign up, then download the TSD app and download the fuel station apps such as Loves, TA, etc. to get reward points for free coffee, soda’s, showers, dumps, etc. With Loves you can pay from your cab using their app and not have to go into the store to pay. Makes refueling really quick. TA/Petro is working in an app to do the same thing. I will post details on that one soon.

Please note – TSD no longer has a discount program with Pilot/Flying J but sometimes you just have to use them because they are the only ones around. You can still use your EFS card there and pay at the pump but you will not get a discount and will be charged a nominal fee of $1 for processing. We stick to TA/Petro as much as possible because they have the best discounts.

Here’s the link to their website to sign up:


Sign up for their FaceBook page for help and the latest information:



  1. Marlin chestnut

    Thank you for the information, will be joining and giving you the Referral credit .

  2. We signed up in the spring just before we left Florida and love our TSD card! Because of the pandemic, we took our time getting back to Michigan via Iowa and saved a ton.

  3. Michael Moffitt

    I just signed up for the TSD card and used you for a reference. Thanks for the info!

  4. Regina Hibben

    This is great information. We are definitely signing up. Thank you.

    • Thanks. You won’t regret it. Please list me as your referrer. I would much appreciate that and once you become a member you can earn credit for those you refer too.

  5. We have a Class A DP
    This sounds like a great program and would like to take advantage.

    • It’s a great program and has saved us a lot. You won’t regret joining. I’ve been asked by TSD to beta test their new app. It’s going to be a big plus cause the EFS app goes down a lot and the TSD app will have for capabilities geared to just TSD members like tracking your referrals.

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