Photo Blanket

We’ve taken some beautiful pictures of the places we’ve been to during our 6 yrs on the road. Awesome pictures. But they are mostly on our phones. I have one picture frame of our grandkids in our coach but there’s no place to hang pictures or display even our most favorite pictures. Then one day I found a site that would make a blanket out of your photos and I thought ‘how cool would that be’? All you have to do is pick your size, material and then upload your photos. Easy peasy. Now when I walk past my bed I’m reminded of the places and friends we’ve met along the way.

I thought this was such a great idea that I had smaller blankets made for the grandkids with pictures of us with them so they always have pictures to remind them of us as we travel.

The cost was less than $100 for our big blanket and even less for baby blankets. The company is Collage and they run sales all the time check them out.

Collage Photo Blankets


  1. Saw us in your Blanket!! Good times!

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