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Homeschooling While Traveling

Full disclosure: We are full time RVers but we do NOT have children with us and know very little about homeschooling but we often see others posting questions about it so we thought it would be helpful to do some research and enlist others to share their expertise. A big […]

Earn Extra Income

Memberships and Clubs

We belong to a lot of clubs. Some for pure educational or recreational purposes and some are big money savers for us and allow us to live the lifestyle we love. So let’s do the math: Campgrounds can run from $30 to over $100 a night depending on where they […]

Chicken Pot Pie – Ninja Foodi

I came from a large family. 9 kids and 2 adults. Cheap meals during the week was the mainstay. Our big/best meal was always on Sunday. During the week it was pot pies, TV dinners (the cheap ones), hot dogs, fish sticks, soup, etc. I hated pot pies. Still do […]

Medicare 101

So you’ve finally retired and life is good but now it’s time to sign up for Medicare and pick a Supplemental Plan – a task which can be extremely complicated and confusing. So what do you do? Answer: You find someone that’s knowledgeable, compassionate and patient enough to walk you […]

Article #3 – The EXIT STRATEGY

Exit Strategy: What is yours? Is it to ride off into the sunset in your RV? Do you even have an Exit Strategy? If not, you should. In my planning, I was so giddy with the shiny jewels of camping (Jackson Hole antlers, Balloon festival in New Mexico) that I […]

Safety Cones

We’ve encountered several instances where a safety cone was necessary but who has room in your RV bays to store them? Well we found the perfect solution: The Sunnyglade Collapsible Safety Cones. They fold up to a 12.4” square that’s only 2” tall but expand to be 28” tall and […]

Bell & Howell Spin Power

I never seem to have enough electrical outlets in our RV. And to make it worse, the outlets in my kitchen are mounted under the cabinets where you can’t see them to plug things in and are difficult to use if you are cooking with something that has one of […]


Voting While Traveling

Voting while traveling is a little complicated but don’t let that stop you from exercising your most valuable right! There’s Still Time To Vote! For Texas, for the General Election on November 3, applications to vote by mail must be received by October 23. Completed ballots must be received by […]