Metal Detecting

I started metal detecting 40 yrs ago but let it go by the wayside with work and raising kids. Now that we are retired, what better time to resurrect an old hobby? So when we started out driving around in our RV, I bought a new metal detector. At that time, Ken wasn’t into it so I’d fiddle around while he golfed or fished. When we were in Oregon about 3 years ago, we met Sue and Mike Race (RIP) – long time, avid ‘dirt fishers’. Mike tweaked my detector and then he and Sue took Ken and I to the beach to try out my settings. Mike loaned Ken one of his extra detectors. Ken had fun but wasn’t all that impressed – at that time. We met up with Sue and Mike again about 6 months later at the Garrett Memorial Metal Detecting Rally in Jefferson, Texas. There were 500 metal detectors there for that Rally!! Well, Mike loaned Ken a detector and it was ‘Katy bar the door!’ after that. Ken was hooked! We go to several metal detecting rallies each year and enjoy meeting up with friends and like-minded people and are always glad to demonstrate and share our hobby with others.


  1. What detector did Mike lend Ken, and what one does Ken use know? We are full timers as well, and live 5 months on Melbourne Beach, FL and while I’m not retired…yet..I’m very close. Hoping to retire this December, and might be interested in doing this as a hobby as well. Thanks, and I appreicate your blog.

    • Mike may have lent him a Tersoro. Not sure because it was 5 yrs ago. Ken now has a Garrett AT Pro and I upgraded my Garrett 350 to an Equinox 800. I think you’d enjoy metal detecting, especially where you live. That’s what they call ‘The Treasure Coast’. Do some research on it. There were 6 Spanish ships loaded with gold, silver and jewels that sunk off the shore nearby during a hurricane. They have not been found yet but doubloons have been found now and then on the beaches after a storm. Plus we have metal detecting rally’s all over the country. We just came from a weeklong one in PA and are currently at a weeklong one in Indiana. Be glad to help answer any questions I can.

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