Batesville, Indiana – August 2019

Nice drive around the Batesville, Indiana area. Farmers market downtown, stopped by our favorite meat market to pick up hotdogs and brats. Took a drive out to Lake Santee and ate at Dockside Bar and Grill. Stacey, the manage, was a real sweetheart. Food was great. Ken’s pizza looked amazing. […]

Blowing Rock

Blowing Rock – July 2019

Took a short trip to Blowing Rock today. What a great little town! Lots of neat shops, quaint places to eat and flowers everywhere. Check out the Prayer Garden. Everyone writes their prayers on a card, puts it in a little plastic bag and hangs it on a tree or […]

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For the last 6 yrs we have been traveling around in our Thor Tuscany Motor Coach enjoying this great country that we call American the Beautiful – and it is indeed beautiful. We have been coast to coast from Maine to Washington state to the Florida Keyes to the Texas […]

Travel Photos

Shipshewana, Indiana

Today was my mom’s birthday.Tomorrow will be mine.For as long as I can remember we celebrated our birthdays together whether we were together or apart.She’s been gone 7 yrs now. Birthdays just aren’t the same but today, on her birthday, at sunrise, we experienced the most unusual thing. Never saw […]

Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2018

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta was a bucket list item and it didn’t fail to impress. They had over 500 balloons and did morning glows, mass ascensions, personal rides, vendors, food and entertainment. The Balloon Museum was great to go through and learn the history of hot air balloons. We […]

St Joseph, Michigan – Sept 2018

A day of cruising in the Jeep. Started with 80 degree temps. Took tee tops off. The closer we got to Lake Michigan, the temperature started dropping. Got down to 70 and we had to put to tops back on! Lake Michigan is so big! Every time I see it […]


When we drive over the bridge to get to Florence, Oregon, we were surprised to see sand dunes. BIG sand dunes! Who knew? We’re on the Pacific Coast and they have sand dunes! This has become one of our favorite places. Really cool waterfront town with great restaurants, cool little […]


So we’re in California. I should say Crazy California. Have to pay for plastic bags at Walmart or bring your own. Who knew? We bought a bag for 10 cents. Couldn’t find a car wash anywhere. All we’re closed. Maybe because of a water shortage? Everything is very dry except […]