Shipshewana, Indiana

Today was my mom’s birthday.
Tomorrow will be mine.
For as long as I can remember we celebrated our birthdays together whether we were together or apart.
She’s been gone 7 yrs now. Birthdays just aren’t the same but today, on her birthday, at sunrise, we experienced the most unusual thing. Never saw anything like it before. I can only describe it as a ‘rainbow cloud’. Pic below.

Ken and I went to the last flea market of the year for Shipshewana. Love to see the fall decorations and the horse and buggy’s on the road. Fall was definitely in the air.

Rainbow cloud! Happy Birthday, Mom!
Ken makes a good scarecrow, don’t you think?
Beautiful display of fall colors! The horse is made do straw!
Buggy rides!
At the flea market. Probably the only wings I’ll ever have!

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