Water and Fire Damage Prevention

The two things that are an RVers worse nightmare is FIRE and WATER damage. I think these two products are an RVers best friends.

20,000 RV Fires Occur Annually!

Fire safety is of premium importance to the conscientious RVer. Unfortunately, fire is one of the leading causes of RV loss in the U.S. today. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that 20,000 RV fires occur annually. Don’t let yours be one of them!

Did you know that spontaneous combustion can occur in damp charcoal? Before you travel, buy fresh charcoal, keep it dry, and store it in a covered metal container.

RV fires can start when your RV is moving or when it is parked. We all have fire extinguishers in our RV but adding an extra layer of fire prevention is always a plus – especially one that activates itself when you’re not there.

Well let me introduce you to the Elide Fireball……

Elide Fireball

Elide Fireball –

The Elide Fire Ball is a scientifically-proven and effective self-activating fire extinguishing solution for virtually any situation where there is the possibility of an accidental fire. It can be in the home, the office, car, factory, boat, restaurant, RV …in fact, it can be anywhere! The balls come in 2 sizes – 4” and 6” and can be mounted under the hood of your tow car, in your engine bay, in your electric bay, strategically placed inside your coach, etc. It’s a passive system which means it will activate even if you are not home at the time. Safe for humans and pets and can only be activated by an open flame. You must watch the videos of it in action! They are quite impressive!

Elide Fireball Videos

Don’t let this happen to you! Protect yourself and your investment!

Saw this story posted by Roger Lee Smith in a Jeep FB group we belong to and he gave me permission to post on my site. So sad that he lost his Jeep but so glad he didn’t get hurt. We’d be devastated if we lost our Jeep but luckily we have the 4” Elide Fireball installed under the hood to prevent/minimize damage should a fire occur.

As posted by Roger: Well as a lot of you already know but here’s all of it. Lost the Jeep today from unknown cause of fire from the engine compartment. I’m all good. Thanks to the Barry Volunteer Fire Department, Corbet- Oak Valley Fire Department and Emhouse Volunteer Fire Department for taking care of it. Took 2 1/2 hours to get it all the way out. It burned for right at 3 hours. Couldn’t get the gas tank out.

Initially, I hadn’t thought about how import the Elide Fireballs could be for those that might have mobility issues or have family members with a disability until a someone commented on one of my Facebook posts. What an eye-opener!

From a post on FB: My wife and I were talking about getting some of these as we have a disabled adult son who is not able to move very quickly. This post with your comment makes it a no brainer for us now. Thank you. – Anthony

GoVee Leak Sensor
GoVee Leak Sensor with WiFi

Govee Water Detectors


Water damage is so detrimental to RV’s! Sometimes leaks take weeks to make themselves known, in the mean time they do irreparable, costly damage. I found these online at Amazon and really like them.

Govee Wi-Fi Water Leak Sensor delivers reliable performance. It notifies you of a potential water leak before the issue becomes too serious, preventing costly water damage and helping you keep your RV safe.

You can download the Govee Wi-fi Water Leak Detector Smart APP Leak Alert and monitor the water leakage on your phone!

You can place the water sensor anywhere you’d like to detect a water leakage. Then you name each sensor with its location on the cellphone APP like Sinks, Refrigerators, Dish Washers, Toilets, Washing Machine, Sump Pumps, Water Heaters, etc. Plug in the gateway into an electric socket, connect the gateway with Wi-fi (Note: 5G WIFI NOT SUPPORTED) and you will get an email notification and a text alert on your smartphone whether you’re at home or on the GO when the water leakage happens. And the leakage record will be kept on the app for you to check anytime.

We have sensors installed under all our sinks, in our W/D cabinet and near a window where we were monitoring a leak.

While on a FaceBook RV group this morning, a couple told their story of a water issue they had. While traveling, their shower head fell down, hit the facet handle and turned on the water. Before they knew it, they had water running down the middle of their coach. They were traveling with their water pump on. I bet they never make that mistake again!

So when you’re prepping your coach for travel, when you’re checking to make sure your shower door is locked shut, take a moment to take the shower head down and let it lay on the bottom of the shower floor and turn your water pump off. If you need to flush the toilet while in transit, turn the pump on, flush, then turn it back off.

Another tip is to turn the water off at the spigot anytime you plan to be away from your RV for an extended period of time. It only takes a second to turn it off. There’s nothing worse than coming home to a flooded RV should a pipe or fitting fail while you are gone.

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