Bells and Whistles

This page is dedicated to what we call ‘Bells and Whistles’ – things you don’t HAVE to have but they make life on the road easier or are just nice to have.

We had these personalized decals put on both ends of our slide so they can be seen whether we pull into a site or back in. We love them and get compliments on the all the time. Bandit Signs in Elkhart, Indiana did ours but any sign shop can do them. They’ve been on for about 3 yrs now and still look great.

WindTamer Camp Stove Companion


We camp at many places that has winds. We battled the wind blowing out our flame all the time. Then we found WindTamer. We love it!

Set up time is less than two minutes.
It blocks the wind completely and fits stoves or grills up to 30″ wide, gas or charcoal. We use it with our 22” Blackstone grill.

Vented for air flow. Weather block fabric breaths to let moisture out.
Sheds rain, sleet and snow but breaths and lets steam escape through the fire proof shell.
Puts you in control when you have wind blowing but we use it all the time because it’s convenient, has a warming shelf and pockets to store utensils and hang a roll of paper towels.

WindTamer (click here) is the most efficient camp stove windbreak on the market.

Our Favorite Camping Table

We have used this table for about 5 yrs now and love it! It’s great to store paper plates, utensils, spices, etc. in between meals so you don’t have to carry stuff in and out of the RV all week long. It stores so compactly too. The cloth compartments fold up inside with the legs.

Opened up
Closed for storage.

Camp Table – click here

Euromax weights for your tent/canopy

These weights are great! They can be filled play sand or rocks that you can get at your local hardware store for less than $5 for a 50# bag. We use play sand because we are full time travelers and we can empty them before we leave a campground and easily store the flattened bags without carrying the extra weight. Sand can be sprinkled around the campsite without a problem whereas you wouldn’t want to leave a pile of rocks behind. A 50# bag of play sand fills up 2 bags so we get 2 bags of sand. Once the bags a full of sand, they’ll weigh 25# each. They have a Velcro strap that goes around the legs of your tent or canopy. That’s 25# of weight on each leg so your tent/canopy isn’t going anywhere if you encounter wind – unless it’s tropical storm strength wind! Plus they are great for when you’re on a full concrete pad and no more trying to pound stakes through hard or rocky ground. No more tie down ropes to trip over. Sometimes we don’t empty them when we leave a place if we are going to be at our next stop for any length of time. We just throw them in the back of the Jeep. They are really great! We bought them on Amazon.



RV SnapPads attach permanently to your RV leveling jacks, so you don’t have to carry around blocks of wood or plastic blocks to level your RV or Motorhome. Simply “snap!” them on one time, and your all set.

We LOVE our SnapPads!! We’ve had them on our coach for several years now and have never lost one or had any problems with them. No more getting on your hands and knees to put in or retrieve those yellow plastic blocks. What a back saver!! We’re too old to be wallowing on the ground! Thank You, SnapPad!!

They were easy to install but it takes 2 people – one underneath to line up the pad and one inside to lower the jack. You have to put one on at a time and they have installation videos on their website to help you. It was easy to do but do it on a level concrete pad.

Note: Our 2014 Tuscany XTE has two different size leveling foot pads – 9” in the front and 12” in the back. Initially, SnapPad didn’t sell a pad large enough for our 12” rear levelers but they were in the process of testing one so they put us on the waiting list. As soon as it was available, we bought them. Make sure you measure your leveler pads so you get the right size.

If you have any questions, their customer service is great!


Magne Shade

We’ve had a Magne Shade on our windshield for several years. It keeps the RV cooler and allows some privacy – you can see out, but they can’t see in during the day. Not so private at night. They can see in at night so be mindful of that and use your night shades. We really like it but now we wished we had spent the extra money and gotten a custom design. Ours is plain black. The designs they have are so cool so check them out before you buy. We also got the tire covers and windshield wiper covers.

The tire covers are much better than the ones that drape over your tires because they only cover your sidewalks therefore they don’t trap moisture which is detrimental to your tires.

We installed our Magne Shade ourselves but it definitely takes 2 people to do it and beware of the magnets! They are VERY strong and will pinch your fingers. If you have a pacemaker, do NOT attempt to put them on yourselves.

Once installed, the Magne Shade is easy to put on each time you stop – and no ladder is required! You use a telescoping rod inserted into the pockets sewed around the edges to put it on. Super easy, one-man job.

Magne Shade

Replaced the Couch!

The one thing we missed from our ‘sticks and bricks’ was our recliners. We hated the couch in our coach so we replaced it with 2 swivel recliners. Best decision ever!! We lost the extra bed by doing so but we are full time travelers so we don’t have much company but we have a really good blow up mattress if we do!

Portable Compressor

We carry a compressor on our travels in order to maintain air pressures in the tires. The Porter Cable works really good, has high pressure for our Class A tires and small enough to store easily in one of our bays. We use it all the time.

  • 150 psi max tank pressure stores more air in the tank for longer tool runtimes
  • 2.6 SCFM at 90 psi allows for quick compressor recovery time, per ISO1217
  • 6-gal Pancake style tank for stability, includes water drain valve and rubber feet

Stay tuned as we will be adding more ‘Bells and Whistles soon.


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