RVing Rocks

Painting rocks to leave for others to find has become quite the thing for RVers. Join the RVing Rocks Face Book group and follow along as rocks are posted by members.

There are some real artists out there too! Some cities and states have groups too. The idea is to paint a rock, put your FB group info on the back of the rock and then leave it at your campsite when you move on or hide it in plain sight somewhere around the campground. Finders Keepers!!

If found, you can keep it for yourself or take it with you and leave it at a different location but you MUST post it on the FB group so the artist can see that it’s found and track the progress of it’s travel.

It’s a great way to entertain the kids too!

Rock Painting These are called Mandela rocks. They are simply made by using the wooden end of different size paint brushes or skewers or sticks and making dots in concentric patterns. Each dot shrinks in size as you tap it on the rock. These are a blend of freehand and Mandela dots.

Now THIS took a lot of imagination!!


  1. Erica Greenwood

    There is a group in my town that does this. How cool to think about doing across the USA!

    • I love leaving hand painted ricks almost as much as I enjoy finding them. Love it when someone post that they found one and where. So cool.

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