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Article #1 – Can I Afford It?

How Much Does It Cost To Live On The Road? This is such a fundamental question as you prepare for life on the road! The answers online are varied and fraught with inconsistencies for the Middle of the Road Camper we have in mind. My research provided a myriad of […]

Financial Planning – Introduction

I love it when readers contact me about the site and even more so when we end up engaging in conversations about this awesome lifestyle. I was recently contacted by Matt Colender about the possibility of collaborating on a series of articles on financial planning. I was immediately interested because […]

One Bite at a Time

Downsizing Tips

When asked ‘How do you downsize from a huge house to an RV?’ My answer is always ‘The same way you eat an elephant….. one bite at a time.’ So here’s how we went from a 3 thousand square foot house with two packed attics (we had 26 plastic tubs […]

Driving Schools

It’s our opinion that every woman learns how to drive / pull their RV – whether it’s a Class A or a 5th wheel or pull behind in case of an emergency. Why? Because you just never know when you might have to take over the reigns if your spouse […]

NC Quick Pass

Tolls – Pay Now or Pay Later

There’s nothing worse then encountering an unexpected toll road while driving in 40’ RV towing a Jeep 4-down. Sometimes our Texas EZ-Tag is accepted, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes the toll will be manned and we can pay an attendant. Sometimes they’re set up to pay by tag but that usually […]


Warranties – the Good, Bad and the Ugly

Extended Warranties – to have or not to have? If you ask 5 people about warranties, you’ll get 5 different answers or opinions. Not everyone believes in having an Extended Warranty. They are costly and can be exasperating when you have something to break but can also be a lifesaver […]

The American TRIP Act

How would you like to get a tax credit for driving around in your RV? How would you like being able to deduct your food/beverages, lodging, transportation and even entertainment? Sounds like a sweet deal doesn’t it? As I read it, it is not a tax deduction but an actual […]

Scanning Documents the Easy Way

I’m constantly having to print documents from my phone, sign them, scan them with my printer/scanner then email them to someone but that means I have to pull out my bulky printer/scanner to scan one document then pack it back away. Well not any more!! I just learned about an […]