Bake Day

For years my daughters and I have shared an annual BAKE DAY during the month of December. We time it so that we have plenty of baked goods to take trays to work, send to family out of town, share with neighbors or to supplement our Christmas dinner. It’s an all day affair and we have enjoyed our ‘girl time’ for years now. As the years have passed, we don’t make as much goodies as we used to but we still have our ‘Bake Day’.

Each year we have our tried and true ‘staples’ and we will add something new or replace something from last year with something new. Our tried and true staples include:

I make some of the items (jerky, sour cream cakes and oyster crackers) ahead of time just to save time. The sour cream cakes take an hour just to bake but they are so worth it! The jerky takes about 8 hrs in a dehydrator for each batch and I make several because it’s such a popular item in our family.

On the day of, it’s an assembly line process. Everyone is busy cooking, baking, mixing and spreading out on what used to be my extra long dinning table – which now belongs to Kendra since we sold the house and travel in the RV full time. The table is covered in butcher block paper and that’s where we stage stuff to cool before putting them in big containers stacked at the end of the table.

I’ll post some of the recipes soon but thought you’d enjoy seeing some of the pictures from one of our Bake Days. Every time I see them, they bring back fond memories. I think you’ll be impressed by the shear volume of goodies.

Update: Recipes added
Grandma Cassie’s Sour Cream Pound Cake
Grandma Grabau’s Lemon Whipper Snapper Cookies

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