If You Were Born in 1900 –

Everyone’s feelings about whether or not to wear a mask is a personal decision and based on their personal situation. Some people are very passionate in their opinion. Some of our friends feel like us and wear one. We have other friends that don’t think it’s necessary. Then there are the few that think wearing a mask is a big conspiracy thing and robs us of our freedoms (and yes we still consider them our friends).

We wear masks because we have family members that we care about and would not fare well if they got the virus so if there’s something we can do to help prevent that from happening, of course we are going to wear a mask. Ken’s dad just celebrated his 97th birthday. We would never want to do anything to put him in harm’s way. When we had his birthday party, we did it in a socially distanced manner. We sat outside and each family had a section of the yard assigned to them and we had signs and presents and sang Happy Birthday. It wasn’t the same but it was the best that could be done under the circumstances. We had a great crowd for his 95th birthday though – with his children, grandkids and great grandkids coming from all parts of the globe to celebrate. The photo below shows the sign of the times.

So when my BIL, Larry, sent me this, it made me think of my FIL and what incredible things he’s seen over his lifetime. Obviously he wasn’t born in 1900 but he was born in the early 1900’s. 1923 to be specific. He still lived though many of these historical events. Hope you enjoy the read and that it gives you a moment of pause to think about how a simple mask might affect a loved one that’s in their golden years.

If you were born in 1900…...

  • When you’re 14, World War I begins and ends when you’re 18 with 22 million dead.
  • Soon after a global pandemic, the Spanish Flu, appears, killing 50 million people. And you’re alive and 20 years old.
  • When you’re 29 you survive the global economic crisis that started with the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange, causing inflation, unemployment and famine.
  • When you’re 33 years old the Nazis come to power.
  • When you’re 39, World War II begins and ends when you’re 45 years old with a 60 million dead. In the Holocaust 6 million Jews die.
  • When you’re 52, the Korean War begins.
  • When you’re 64, the Vietnam War begins and ends when you’re 75.

A child born in 1985 thinks his grandparents have no idea how difficult life is, but they have survived several wars and catastrophes.

Today we have all the comforts in a new world, amid a new pandemic. But we complain because we need to wear masks. We complain because we must stay confined to our homes where we have food, electricity, running water, wifi, even Netflix! None of that existed back in the day. But humanity survived those circumstances and never lost their joy of living.

A small change in our perspective can generate miracles. We should be thankful that we are alive. We should do everything we need to do to protect and help each other. It’s just a little mask – wear it to protect yourself and your loved ones. Bless you and yours and stay healthy!!

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