Sage Advice on the Pandemic

Thought I would share these wise words from our nephew, Dr. Shawn Mountain, about the current COVID-19 Pandemic.

“There are no “experts” on Covid-19. The media wants to tout people as being experts, but they don’t exist when it comes to this disease. If you had someone working on something as simple as cars and had only started working on cars for 6 months would you consider them experts?? Hell no!

This is a virus NOBODY has ever seen before. Now put it in billions of DIFFERENT people, not one is the same, even twins, and try to predict what it will do and how it will react. All we know is that it caused severe problems in some people and there is no great proven treatment or cure. It’s impossible to be right all of the time. You have to look at diet, underlying conditions, medications, genetics all of these will interact with the virus differently.

We have been dealing with the flu for centuries and we still can’t figure it out, why in God’s name do people think this will be figured out in 6 months??

This has a profound affect on some people in this world, others not so much. It has the potential to wipe out sections of our society. We still don’t know long term implications of this virus. Many viruses cause cancer, HPV for instance, causes cervical cancer. Millions of women have died, are dying of, and will still die from that alone. Just because you are asymptomatic now doesn’t mean you won’t develop something worse later. WE DONT KNOW YET.

The government has been asked to tell the future and people get pissed when they can’t. It’s a lose/lose situation. People bring up masks – at first they said they don’t do anything and now you must wear them. I believe they knew all along masks do something but people are assholes and would have hoarded masks for themselves leaving nothing for the healthcare workers to use.

We know now that masks mainly help to prevent people from spreading it to other people. Maybe one of those people will be somebody they care about.

Now you add the political aspect of it and add the spin from that, it’s impossible to get a full read on this thing. Media outlets, Democrats, and Republicans need to put down their Weapons and work together.”

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