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RV Tire Blowout

RV Tire Safety – Things That Go Pop!

How to Handle a Tire Blowout on an RV The proper way to handle a front tire blow out is so counter-intuitive that most people don’t understand it and many blowouts have resulted in crash’s. Losing control during a sudden loss of tire pressure, driving an overweight vehicle, driving on […]

Earn Extra Income

Earning Extra Income While On The Road

RV Driving Instructor For my RV friends or anyone that has a CDL and wants to earn some extra income – posted by a friend. This is a legitimate company and with the RV boom, they need instructors very badly. Contact John Mayleben @ 517-927-6120 or visit and click […]

Blowing Rock

Blowing Rock – July 2019

Took a short trip to Blowing Rock today. What a great little town! Lots of neat shops, quaint places to eat and flowers everywhere. Check out the Prayer Garden. Everyone writes their prayers on a card, puts it in a little plastic bag and hangs it on a tree or […]

Beat the Heat and the Cold

The cabinets and closet in our coach are all on outside walls. The heat and cold permeates the cabinets and closet in the summer/winter time. It actually melted my chocolate which is sacrilegious, right? A lady I met at a campground showed me this truck and by golly it really […]


Renegades on the River Sunset Drink

Renegades on the River in Crescent City, Florida has a bar they call the Tiki Hut. Every evening, at Sunset, they serve all the patrons a shot that looks like the Sunset and everyone toasts the sunset. They also make a larger version of the shot. This is the recipe […]

Sage Advice on the Pandemic

Thought I would share these wise words from our nephew, Dr. Shawn Mountain, about the current COVID-19 Pandemic. “There are no “experts” on Covid-19. The media wants to tout people as being experts, but they don’t exist when it comes to this disease. If you had someone working on something […]