White haven, Pennsylvania

Dinner last night at the Powerhouse Eatery. Constructed in 1907, as the White Haven Sanatorium, it was a hospital to treat ‘consumption’ or more commonly known now as tuberculosis. As the disease grew to epidemic proportions more buildings were built and the local power company couldn’t provide enough power for the facilities so a separate power plant was built to supply dedicated power to the sanatorium. With the introduction of Streptomycin and immunizations, TB declined rapidly and the sanatorium was closed. In 1956 it was reopened as a facility to house mentally challenged patients. By 1960, the facility reached its limit and a larger facility was built across the freeway. It was closed again by 1976 but in 1989 the power plant portion of the facility was renovated into a restaurant. During the process much of the existing construction and hardware (valves, boilers and fire doors) were preserved to create an impressive atmosphere not to mention the exemplary cuisine.

Happy eaters! Except we ended up taking home our meals. Should know better than to order appetizers but the clams casino, shrimp and crab stuffed mushrooms sounded too good to pass up – and they WERE good!

Trinidad Tini!

My dinner. Chicken and Colossal Crab Piccata. Yum!

Ken’s dinner. Shrimp and Scallops Mediterranean. Very yum too!

Interior meters and doors from old power plant.

Who knows what these are but they are impressive.

Fire doors and pipes from the old plant.

Check out this old stack!

From a ground perspective. Damn tall stack.

More Power Plant pipes.

Dessert. Godiva chocolate martini. We had to share it. Sorry but we drank it all before I thought to take a picture. It was great and had a chocolate chip cookie hanging from the rim!

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