Portland, Maine

Made a trip to see the Portland Head Light and the city of Portland, Maine yesterday. The lighthouse was commissioned in 1790 by George Washington.

Fence of Love Locks in Portland. Similar to the one in Paris, France.

Ken posing by a lobster lighthouse


Sections of what used to be the Berlin Wall.

Passengers coming off a lobster boat with some of the catch of the day. Those are lobsters they are carrying. $7 a lobster but we’ve seen them for $4.99 around here! Haven’t tried them yet though. As they say it around here, lobsta!

He had a large lobsta and was proud to have his picture taken with it.

Lobster fun facts.

Fish market with lobster traps.

Lobster boat coming in with today’s catch.

Really? Hamburger, bacon and lobster? Didn’t try it. We had a bucket of steamers at J’s Oyster Shop instead but I forgot to take a picture of it. Darn!

We’ve seen some crazy signs during our travels but this was the cutest one yet.

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