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If You Were Born in 1900 –

Everyone’s feelings about whether or not to wear a mask is a personal decision and based on their personal situation. Some people are very passionate in their opinion. Some of our friends feel like us and wear one. We have other friends that don’t think it’s necessary. Then there are […]



Be sure that you let the bank know that you are traveling and what states you are going to be in so they don’t put a hold on your credit cards or debit cards. We do all our banking online with Wells Fargo. We can pay bills and deposit checks […]

Amazon Prime


We order stuff from Amazon all the time. I highly recommend becoming a Prime member. Current pricing as of 7/6/20 is $119. You get free 2 day (usually) delivery, free movies and free Kindle books that can be read on any tablet with the Kindle app, free music, etc. We […]



We are fortunate that we have a washer and dryer in our coach. For those of you that have to go to the laundromat, you have my full sympathy. I personally hate those places. I find that most are dirty and the machines are in disrepair plus I think sitting […]



Cooking in an RV is a learned skill due to small spaces and non-conventional equipment. Your oven, if you even have one, is smaller and they have hot spots. Most RV’s don’t have a typical oven. Most have Microwave Convention Ovens which requires you to keep in mind a few […]

Trip Planning

Trip Planning and Navigation are a 2 man job in our coach. I usually do all the planning and reservations and Ken does the driving – but the Navigating is ‘real time’ and take both of us. It’s a joint affair of both of us watching the road and the […]

Fuel Savings

TSD Fuel Program – This program is great! Free to join and it saves us so much money on fuel. Its only for diesel though and you have to fill up in the trucker’s lanes in the back of the stations but that’s fine for us because we are 40′ […]

Mail Forwarding

Mail Forwarding

Mail Forwarding and Domicile locations are very important these days. Picking the wrong service or the wrong state can be costly and cause you a lot of headaches especially since 9/11 when the Patriot Act was enacted. Federal institutes such as banks and credit card companies can no longer accept […]

Cell tower

Satellite / Wi-Fi / Cell Phones

We use DirecTV for our satellite service. It works for us. We have 4 TV’s. 2 are hooked to the Genie upfront and 2 are hooked to the Mini Genie in back. Anything taped on any TV is available to watch on all TV’s. We never have a problem getting […]