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Ring Doorbell

Knock, knock – who’s there?

August 2020 We had an interestingly scary thing happen while traveling in our RV last night. Stayed at a Motel 6 that had full hook up RV sites in the back in St Robert, MO. Checked in at about 1:30 pm at the office. Got our site assignment and parked. […]

Bells and Whistles

This page is dedicated to what we call ‘Bells and Whistles’ – things you don’t HAVE to have but they make life on the road easier or are just nice to have. We had these personalized decals put on both ends of our slide so they can be seen whether […]

RV Tire Blowout

RV Tire Safety – Things That Go Pop!

How to Handle a Tire Blowout on an RV The proper way to handle a front tire blow out is so counter-intuitive that most people don’t understand it and many blowouts have resulted in crash’s. Losing control during a sudden loss of tire pressure, driving an overweight vehicle, driving on […]

Earn Extra Income

Earning Extra Income While On The Road

RV Driving Instructor For my RV friends or anyone that has a CDL and wants to earn some extra income – posted by a friend. This is a legitimate company and with the RV boom, they need instructors very badly. Contact John Mayleben @ 517-927-6120 or visit http://rvschool.com and click […]

Beat the Heat and the Cold

The cabinets and closet in our coach are all on outside walls. The heat and cold permeates the cabinets and closet in the summer/winter time. It actually melted my chocolate which is sacrilegious, right? A lady I met at a campground showed me this truck and by golly it really […]

Spice drawer

Storage Tip and Tricks

Living small has its advantages and disadvantages. There’s less area to clean but also less places to store stuff so you need to get a little creative on how to store stuff and protect stuff when you travel. Plus you always have to ask yourself ‘is this a need or […]



Be sure that you let the bank know that you are traveling and what states you are going to be in so they don’t put a hold on your credit cards or debit cards. We do all our banking online with Wells Fargo. We can pay bills and deposit checks […]

Amazon Prime


We order stuff from Amazon all the time. I highly recommend becoming a Prime member. Current pricing as of 7/6/20 is $119. You get free 2 day (usually) delivery, free movies and free Kindle books that can be read on any tablet with the Kindle app, free music, etc. We […]



We are fortunate that we have a washer and dryer in our coach. For those of you that have to go to the laundromat, you have my full sympathy. I personally hate those places. I find that most are dirty and the machines are in disrepair plus I think sitting […]